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The SalemPirates be a crew of crafty technomancers whose home port is in the beautiful city of Salem, OR. Here is a sorted archive of all the articles we've posted.

iPhone/iPad Applications

SalemPirates Release iPlunder HD, 1st Geocaching App for the iPad!    Capt. Bill has finished crafting iPlunder HD, the very first geocaching app for the new Apple iPad! iPlunder HD will allow you to download multiple GPX files, map them using street maps or satellite imagery, view their detailed information, read past logs, take notes and more. All this on the glorious iPad display.

SalemPirates Update iPlunder, Pirate GPX Reader    Capt. Bill has released iPlunder 1.5! The program has new graphics, title bars and backgrounds, which make it a wonder to behold!

SalemPirates Update Pirate Tic-Tac-Toe to 3.0    The board has been drawn and the challenge issued. Let the ancient battle begin as the Skull Pirate battles the Bones Pirate to draw the line in Tic-Tac-Toe! The traditional 3-in-a-row version is available but, with the addition of Whirlpool Tic-Tac-Toe, this is no kiddie game, matey!

SalemPirates Release iPlunder    Yarrr, time to set sail, me hearties, in search of geocache treasure! If you have a premium geocaching membership (and who doesn't?) you know the single best benefit is the ability to run pocket queries. With iPlunder you'll have all the information you need to find those geocaches, right in the palm of your hand. Your printer (and its expensive inks) can finally take a break!

SalemPirates Update Pirate Jokes to 3.0    The SalemPirates most hilarious application has been updated to take advantage of the all new iPhone/iPod Touch OS 3.0! Not only does the application still have over 100 of the all time best pirate jokes, now you can search for specific keywords and share the fun with built-in email.

SalemPirates Release Golf Log    Golf Log is a quick and easy way to keep track of your score on your iPhone. Useful both on and off the course. The emphasis is placed on quick and easy use, so you can spend your time actually playing golf, not doing data entry in the field, arrggg!

SalemPirates Update Armada    The SalemPirates have updated Armada to ensure iPhone OS 3.0 compatibility. While the program is in review, our crew has lowered the price of this fine strategy game to FREE! Download it today!

The SalemPirates Release Mathtraption 2.0:   Capt. Bill has updated this popular application with a whole new look and feel. New animations, enhanced graphics, new sounds effects and detailed preferences make this update a must have!

Captain Bill Returns to the Lab:    Captain Bill has been sailing in northern waters the last few months working with a great crew of technomancers. He has learned much, and he is eager to apply what he's learned.

Armada - Pirate Mancala Game:    Avast, the battle for the trade route to the Caribbean has begun! Which side will you choose, the disciplined Spanish navy or the untamed Pirate fleet?

Pirate Captains - A History of Famous Pirates:    Gather 'round me hearties and learn about these nefarious sea raiders. Compiled together for the first time on the iPhone, you'll discover their history, ships, flags and more.

Pirate Jokes - A Compendium of Pirate Humor:    While cruising on the seven seas, nothing keeps a pirate crew happy like a good joke. This application is sure to improve the morale of your crew since it includes over 100 pirates jokes to keep your crew a'smiling.

Pirate Pocket Watch Sweepstakes Winner:   Congratulations to the Cavezza family for winning the SalemPirates' Pocket Watch Sweepstakes!

MathTraption, Pirate Math Contraption:   A fun, pirate math contraption, since even pirates need to learn their numbers, matey! This program will quiz you with a series of math problems. Once you have finished the game, you'll earn a grade based on your score. Do well enough and Capt. Bill himself will congratulate you!

Pirate Pocket Watch Sweepstakes:   Our crew decided to say thank you to all the buccaneers who've purchased one of our fine products by offering a chance to win this bit of pirate plunder. Dress up in your best pirate regalia and send us a picture of you holding an iPhone or iPod Touch showing any one of our games on it. The winner will be chosen on December 1st, 2008!

Crystals Color Code Game:   Can you crack the code and become a pirate mastermind? You'll have to figure out the correct colors and sequence to unlock this puzzle, matey! The faster you do, the higher your pirate rank. If you solve the code quickly enough, you'll be congratulated by Capt. Bill himself!

Cypher Word Puzzle:  Yarrr, Cypher tis a fun word puzzle game where you race against the clock to decode the text and twist it into a six letter word. Of course, it wouldn't be a SalemPirates' game if there weren't some pirate surprises waiting for you.Can you decrypt the word in time, matey?

CARGO! Pirate Travel Bingo:  Yarrrr, when cruising on voyages both long and short, a captain may find their crew getting restless. This is never a good thing aboard a pirate ship, matey! Captain Bill has the solution, keep your crew busy with a rousing game of CARGO, travel bingo pirate style!

Pirate Tic-Tac-Toe:  The board has been drawn onto a scrap of parchment, the challenge has been issued and now the game awaits. Choose to play as either the Skull or the Bones Pirate and let the battle begin, yarrrr! Enjoy this timeless classic with a pirate twist. Beware the Charybdis and find out who will win the day!

Product Reveiws

Amazing Mold Putty Review:  Yarrr, the crafty SalemPirates are always on the lookout for new and nefarious techniques to add to our bag of tricks. Recently, Capt. Bill heard tell of a new product, Amazing Mold Putty, so we decided to give it a test in the infamous Pirate Labs.

Doctor Who TARDIS USB Hub Review:  Capt. Bill received the TARDIS USB hub as a gift from 1st Mate Kimberly. He decided to do a time trial with a 1.5 GB directory copy using his MacBook Pro to a USB 2 external hard drive. The first test the hard drive was connected directly to the MacBook, the second test was through the TARDIS hub.


Compass Coins Donates GeoCoins to the 2009 Pirate Open Geocaching Event:   Compass Coins, a high quality geocoin design company, decided to help sponsor the 2009 Pirate Open by donating some of their beautiful geocoins to our event.

Pirate Open 2009 Geocache Event:    Yarrrr, come one, come all! The SalemPirates are proud to announce the 3rd Annual Pirate Open Golf/Geocaching Event. Meet and greet the entire SalemPirate crew and your fellow geocachers while watching the horror show that is Capt. Bill's golf game.

Captain Bill Returns to the Lab:    Captain Bill has been sailing in northern waters the last few months working with a great crew of technomancers. He has learned much, and he is eager to apply what he's learned.

Marion 150 Geocaching Map:    To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Oregon, Marion County has created a "150 Miles for 150 Years: A historical tour through Marion County" event. To assist Marion County with their event, the crafty SalemPirates were called upon to create a map of the active geocaches along the tour route.

Geocaching Map of Salem, Oregon:  Arrgg! Salem, Oregon is fortunate to have a large and active geocaching community. The city is stuffed full of geocaches with new ones being added all the time. There is a great mix of cache types, from devious micros to huge chests chock full of treasure!

How to Create a Pocket Query:  Pocket queries are, without a doubt, the main reason to upgrade from a free geocaching.com account to the premium membership. Sure, there are other benefits, but nothing beats being able to load hundreds of caches into your GPS with a few mouse clicks.

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