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Doctor Who TARDIS USB Hub Review

Doctor Who TARDIS USB Hub

Expand your computer's power with a Doctor Who TARDIS USB hub.

Capt. Bill is a big Doctor Who fan, so 1st Mate Kimberly decided to purchase the TARDIS USB Hub for him on Valentines Day. Yarrr, you gotta love a lass who appreciates her husband's inner geek.

Unfortunately, the uber cool device did not arrive on time. 1st Mate Kimberly is not one to let an online order slip away though, so she kept at it. At last, the TARDIS USB hub has arrived! She ordered it from NekoSphere, though it doesn't seem to be available from that site currently.

This product was initially offered for United Kingdom customers only, but the wily 1st Mate Kimberly ordered the American version. This saved Capt. Bill a trip to the local Radio Shack to purchase a universal transformer.

The TARDIS hub with its full packaging.

What comes in the box.

The TARDIS hub will flash its lantern and make the TARDIS sound effect when a USB device is connected to the hub. If you feel the need to see and hear the effect on demand, there is a button on the front that demoes the effect. On the other hand, if the sound effect gets on your nerves, there is a switch on the back that will silence it.

The police notice on the front will demo the effects.

A switch on the back will disable the sound effect.

This is a powered, 4-Port hub and comes with its own power adapter. The sound and light effects will work even if the hub is not connected to a computer. The documentation states that the effects may not happen if the connected device has its own power. Capt. Bill's testing confirmed this, when he plugged in an external hard drive nary a peep was heard. When a Griffin PowerMate was connected though, the TARDIS lit up and the familiar sound returned. Surprisingly, a USB printer will also activate the effects.

Demo Switch

Connection Test

"Arrgg, so how does the hub perform", you ask? "Is it truly USB 2 compatible?". The answer is yes, this is a bonny hub. Capt. Bill did a time trial with a 1.5 GB directory copy using his MacBook Pro to a USB 2 external hard drive. The first test the hard drive was connected directly to the MacBook, the second test was through the TARDIS hub. The results were identical, allowing for Capt. Bill's inebriated mouse skills, of course.

Time to transfer a 1.5 GB directory to an external HD connected directly to a MacBook Pro.

The time to transfer the same directory through the TARDIS USB hub.

The TARDIS arrived at a fortuitous time (get it?), Capt. Bill was getting ready to purchase a new hub. This hub's Doctor Who connection, USB 2 goodness and external power supply make this a keeper for the SalemPirate crew.

Doing a Google search for this item reveals a number of stores selling it for $29.99.

Google Search for TARDIS USB Hub

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