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The SalemPirates Publish Crystals!

Can you crack the code and become a pirate mastermind?

Yarrr, Crystals is a fun game where you try to guess the correct combination of crystals to unlock the pirate code.

Once you place your guess, Crystals will give you hints to help you decypher the code. A black peg means a crystal is the right color and location. A white peg means the color is correct but in the wrong spot.

You'll have to figure out the correct colors and sequence to unlock this puzzle, matey! The faster you do, the higher your pirate rank. If you crack the code quickly enough, you'll be congratulated by Capt. Bill himself!

Don't worry if you select a crystal by mistake, a gentle shake will remove your last selection.

This game is fully customizable. You can set the number of colors, number of crystals and whether the colors can repeat or not.

Arrrggg, of course a SalemPirates game has to have its Pirate flair, me hearties! You can choose to replace the crystals with glowing pirate skulls for even more fun. The wee little pirates on your crew will love it.

There is an easy mode, where the crystals themselves will display hints to help you on your way. When using the skull shapes, a pirate eye-patch will help you find your answer.

In two player mode, another crew mate can enter in their own "Challenge Code" and lock it into place. Then you'll have to outwit your opponent and beat their challenge before your turn runs out.

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