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Captain Bill Returns to the SalemPirates Laboratory!

Pirate Captain

You can now follow the adventures of the
SalemPirates on Twitter!

Captain Bill has been sailing in northern waters the last few months working with a great crew of technomancers. He has learned much, but the time has come for him to return to his home port.

Fresh from this break and eager to apply what he's learned, Captain Bill is diving right back into his lab. First on his agenda is updating the existing programs already published by the SalemPirates.

Next will be creating an iPhone Geocaching program to assist all the treasure hunters out there. The entire SalemPirate crew is awash with grand ideas for this program and we can't wait to get working on it.

Speaking of the crew, both 1st Mate Kimberly and 2nd Mate Steven have decided to join Captain Bill in the lab and are quickly learning to spin their own code. Keep a sharp eye peeled for their programs to start to appear under the SalemPirate colors.

Pirate 2nd Class Samantha will continue in her role as Chief Game Tester and Morale Officer.

Finally, if you wish to follow our crew's adventures, the SalemPirates have created a Twitter account detailing our activities. We'll be updating it with our geocaching adventures and other escapades in and around our home port of Salem, OR.

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