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The SalemPirates - A Pirate Guide to GPX Files

This guide will help you understand the URL import process necessary to import your GPX file into iPlunder.

Unzipping your GPX file

Your email from Groundspeak will probably contain a single zip file. This zip file contains your GPX file. You should be familiar with extracting the GPX file from this zip file so you can use with it with a GPS device, PDA or other programs.


Be sure to choose the correct GPX file from the ZIP archive.

Choosing the correct GPX file

Sometimes two GPX files are included in your zip file. One GPX file lists secondary coordinates. The GPX file you want will be named xxxxxx.gpx, not xxxxxx-wpt.gpx. Plus, the correct one will generally be a noticeably larger file.

Rename your GPX file?

It may be wise to rename your GPX file at this point. Our crew renames our file home.gpx. That way, you don't have to update the URL for the download everytime you run a query. Just replace the file on your web server and you're ready to import.

Take a Peek

Ever wonder what kind of arcane technomancy makes a GPX file? Let's find out! Go ahead and open your GPX file in your favorite text editor. That's right, it's just a simple text file, specifically a XML document. XML is a file format very similar to HTML, the format used by every web page.


GPX files are just simple text files.

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