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The SalemPirates - A Pirate Guide to Internet GPX Web Hosting

This guide will help you understand the URL import process necessary to import your GPX file into iPlunder.

Hosting your GPX file

It can be a little daunting learning how to host a file on a web server but it really isn't very difficult. After all, can't be any harder than that last diabolical 5/5 puzzle cache you spent all weekend trying to solve, can it?

Free Web Hosting

There are a number of companies that offer to provide free file hosting on the Internet. In order for iPlunder to import your GPX file, the file needs to be 'hot linked'. That means the GPX file needs to be directly available, no download screens or log on required.

Our crew tested a number of different hosting sites and decided on DropBox to use as an example. Of course, feel free to use any company you'd like.

Dropbox Home

Dropbox home page.

Create Your Account and Log In

Follow the instructions at Dropbox.com to create a free account. You can use Dropbox from within your web browser or download their software to integrate into your operating system.

Our crew recommends installing their software. It will make a folder on your system which will automatically synchronize with your online Dropbox account. Very easy!

Dropbox has a great videos and FAQ's to help you get started hosting your GPX file online.


In order for your GPX file to be accessible to iPlunder (HD), be sure to place your file into the "Public" folder. This will allow you to retrieve the "Public Link" to this file.

Once your GPX file is uploaded, you'll be able to copy the link to your clipboard from either the local folder or the Dropbox web site...

Dropbox Local

Right click and select the Dropbox to copy the link.


Dropbox Web

Select the file at the Dropbox site to copy the link.

Once you've copied the "Public Link", paste it into a text editor, word processor or, better yet, send it as an email to your device! If you email it to yourself, you'll be able to copy and paste the link directly into iPlunder.

Enter URL into iPlunder

gpx url

Enter the URL into iPlunder on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

gpx url

Enter the URL into iPlunder HD on your iPad.

That's it! Good luck and good hunting, me hearties, YO HO!

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