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The SalemPirates - A Pirate Guide to WiFi Web Hosting

This guide will help you understand the URL import process necessary to import your GPX file into iPlunder.

Hosting your GPX file

It can be a little confusing learning how to host a file on a web server but it really isn't very difficult. After all, can't be any harder than that last 5/5 evil micro you spent all weekend searching for, can it?

Local, using WiFi

The easiest way, by far, to import your GPX file into iPlunder is using a local wifi network. This method does require you to have two things, a wireless network and a computer running web server software.

Basically, you'll take the GPX file you received from Groundspeak and move it to the directory your web server software uses to host files. Then enter that URL (web address) into iPlunder and it will quickly download the data.

To illustrate this process, the rest of this page will examine a step-by-step walk through of this process on a Mac. Due to the many different configurations of currently used Windows systems, a detailed walk through is not available.

Verify Web Sharing is Enabled

Launch System Preferences and click on the Sharing icon. Once there, click on and enable Web Sharing.


The Sharing Panel in System Preferences.

Make a note of the local Computer Name and the address (URL) for 'Your personal website'. Once you've done that, close System Preferences.

Test Web Sharing

Launch a web browser and type in the address listed for 'Your personal website'. You can also substitute the local Computer Name for the numbers, as seen below. You should see a web page load.

Home Page

Congratulations, you have a web server!

iPhone web

Yarrr, your iPhone can access your computer.

Let's also check it on your iPhone. Launch Safari and type in the same URL. You should see the exact same website you saw on your computer. If not, make sure your computer and iPhone are both on the same wireless network and the URL was entered correctly.

Move GPX File to Host

Home site

The GPX is on available via web.

Take a breath! That's the hardest part and it's all done. Easy wasn't it? Next, move your GPX file to your web site directory. It's located in your User Directory -> Sites. Just drag your GPX file into that directory and you're set.

Test GPX File URL

iPhone gpx

Your GPX file in your iPhone's browser.

Time to do a final check. Type in the URL you tested earlier but add the name of the gpx file at the end. For example, since we rename our GPX file, the URL would be stormbringer.local/~bill/home.gpx. You should see XML document as described in the GPX Guide.

Enter URL into iPlunder

gpx url

Enter the URL into iPlunder and ...

Download GPX File

gpx download

begin the URL download.

That's it. If you rename your GPX file the same name every time (like home.gpx) all you'll have to do is overwrite the copy in your Sites directory. Since it's the same name, you won't have to change a thing in iPlunder. Just select 'Begin URL Import' whenever you update your GPX file.

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