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The SalemPirates Release iPlunder HD - 1st Geocaching App for the iPad!

Yarrr, time to set sail, me hearties, in search of geocache treasure!

If you have a premium geocaching membership (and who doesn't?) you know the single greatest benefit is the ability to run pocket queries. Pocket queries generate GPX files. Those GPX files can be loaded onto your GPS device, saving you from having to hand enter each geocache.

But wait, there's more! These helpful GPX files also contain a wealth of information on each individual geocache. Name, difficulty, terrain, past logs, hints and more.

It's time. Time to take your plundering to the next level and go truly paperless. iPlunder HD will allow you to download multiple GPX files onto your iPad. You'll have all the information you need to find those geocaches with you in the field right in the palm of your hand. And without the need for an Internet connection! Your printer (and its expensive inks) can finally take a break!

Using the latest iPad technology, you'll be able to map out the geocaches using street maps or satellite imagery. You'll be able to see all nearby geocaches and select them to view their detailed information. The geocaches won't stand a chance, matey!

You'll be able to take notes and update the geocache's found status while on the hunt. You can flag geocaches to mark selected geocaches. You can create filters to list or map only the caches you've found, haven't found, didn't find or that you've flagged.

Another great feature is the ability to email the details of your daily caching run. The email includes the found status, time stamp, field note and a link to the geocache's web site, making logging a breeze.

iPlunder HD has been specifically designed to take advantage of iPad technologies. You will need network access to update the map background, but the app will display the geocaches in their relative positions without Internet access. No matter to what dead zone some evil micro takes you, this app will still function, me hearty!

Please note, this app downloads your GPX file from a web site of your choosing. You will need to be able to place your GPX file on a web server, either in your home or on the internet, to import the GPX file. (Our crew uses Dropbox, it's easy, check out the links below).

Purchase iPlunder HD today and let your hunt begin, arrgg!

iPlunder HD Screenshots

Guide to GPX Files

WiFi Walk Through

DropBox Download Walk Through

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