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The SalemPirates Salem Area Geocache Map

Map last updated on 8/7/2011.

Arrgg! Salem, Oregon is fortunate to have a large and active geocaching community. The city is stuffed full of geocaches with new ones being added all the time. There is a great mix of cache types, from devious micros to huge chests chock full of treasure!

Take a look around and check out some of the caches in our area. The map is fully interactive, just click on a symbol to get more information on the cache and a link to the cache page.

This page may take a moment or two to load!

Geocaching Map Key
green circle - Traditional Cache orange diamond - Multi-Cache purple triangle - Unknown Cache blue square - Virtual Cache
white dot - Webcam Cache letterbox - Letterbox Hybrid white dot - Event Cache green/blue dot - CITO Event
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